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Title: A Secret Shared (19/20)
Arc: The Secrets Trilogy
Author: K
Rating: R (maybe, for later chapters)
Fandom: LOTR
Genre: Angst
Pairing: Aragorn/Legolas
Distribution: Just tell me where you put it
Notes: Aragorn's POV
Disclaimer: LOTR belongs to the Tolkien Estate. I own nothing but a stick of gum and some lint.

Soon after Legolas's hasty exit, I returned to the house, deep in thought.
Had I done the right thing? At the time, I thought it was for the best, but now I was unsure. Legolas seemed so upset, so...grief stricken. Even if I did forgive him now, would he be able to forgive me?
What had I done? I shook my head condemning myself for my actions. I had driven him away from me. My one true love, lost because of my own anger and resentment about something that was not his fault. I felt sure now that he was telling the truth when he said he thought it was I.
I should be happier because of that, but I cannot be, not now. I have widened the breach in our relationship even further, irreparably, and as a result of my anger, our relationship was over.
I must find him, I told myself. Find him, and apologise for my actions. Apologise for turning him away. Give him my forgiveness, and tell him I still love him. I turned, to go back outside, for I felt sure that was where he would be.
"Aragorn, a word please," Elrond stood further along the hallway, outside the door to his study. Reluctantly I followed him in, sitting down as he closed the door.
I waited whilst he positioned himself behind his desk. He steepled his fingers, and looked at me hard.
"What is it you wish to talk with me about, Lord Elrond?" I enquired, as he had not yet spoken.
"Your relationship with Legolas," he said simply.
"What?" I replied, unable to keep myself from sounding so incredulous.
"I know the two of you have had a disagreement," he continued, practically ignoring my outburst. "I do not know what has caused you to fall out, and I am not sure that I wish to know."
I dropped my head down, staring at my hands, wanting to avoid his penetrating gaze. I hoped that he would not see through the façade Legolas and I had played so well.
"I believe your disagreement with the young elf has something to do with your...dispute...with Boromir," he went on. "I have tried to find out from each of you what exactly went on in that room, but none of you have told me. In Legolas's own chambers of all places! It certainly makes an elf lord wonder what goes on behind the doors of his own home."
He leaned forward, and I found myself looking up and meeting his gaze.
"I am giving you the chance now to tell me what is going on, to tell me what happened in that room. What caused you and Boromir to fight," his words were an order, rather than a request. Lord Elrond had a knack of making things sound like one when they were really another.
I sighed and looked away again, searching for the right words to say, words that would be truthful but not reveal anything about Legolas and I, or what had gone on between him and Boromir beforehand.
"Boromir said things," I began, speaking purposefully slowly. "He spoke coarsely and rudely, words against Legolas, and words that insulted me. I am sorry to admit that I was the one who started the fight. Boromir spoke too many offensive words for my liking, and I punched him. You know the result of that fight yourself," I finished, and looked to Elrond, hoping he would be content with my explanation.
He sat back, studying me with great attention and thought.
"That is most unlike you, Aragorn,"
"I know my lord, and I am sorry for bringing such conflict to your household," I apologised, knowing that I was in the wrong.
"You are humble, when you know you are in the wrong," he commented. "But you have not explained what you were all doing in Legolas's chambers in the first place. Or what has caused you to avoid him."
I felt a little surprised at his last comment, and he saw that in my face, for he continued.
"Do not be surprised at my observations, Aragorn," he said, "I may be thousands of years older than you, but I am not stupid. You said to me yourself that you did not wish to see him, and your speedy disappearance after breakfast only confirmed my belief that you were trying to avoid him."
I pursed my lips, not wanting to make comment on this matter.
"Why *are* you avoiding him?"
Still I did not speak, for I could not find the words - or excuses - without telling him the full truth of what had been going on. Instead I creased my brow, intent on not meeting his steady gaze, for if I did he would surely guess what had been going on.
"I can see you do not want to talk about this matter Aragorn, but may I remind you that I am head of this household, and lord of the people here in Rivendell. If there is disruption, I wish to know why. Why were you all in Legolas's rooms? And Why are you avoiding him?" he pressed. "I do not like treating you in this way as you are usually a respectable man, and I consider you a good acquaintance, but I will not allow you to leave this room until you have answered my questions."
I sighed inwardly. It was over. The secret Legolas and I have been hiding so well was going to be revealed. And I worried about the reaction the whole truth would get from the elf lord in front of me.
As I opened my mouth, ready to speak the truth, I heard someone calling my name, and the door of Lord Elrond's study flew open to reveal Arwen, red-faced and dishevelled looking, her hair coming loose from the clip which held it off her face and lines of dampness running down her face from her eyes. Tears?
"Aragorn!" she exclaimed desperately, her breathing laboured from running and her eyes red. I jumped up as I saw her, shocked at the words that followed her initial interruption.
"Legolas...in his room...come quickly, *hurry!*"


Title: A Secret Shared (20/20)
Arc: The Secrets Trilogy
Author: K
Rating: R (maybe, for later chapters)
Fandom: LOTR
Genre: Angst
Pairing: Aragorn/Legolas
Distribution: Just tell me where you put it
Notes: Aragorn's POV
Disclaimer: LOTR belongs to the Tolkien Estate. I own nothing but a stick of gum and some lint.

One look at Arwen's distraught face told me something terrible had happened. I felt a sick feeling in my stomach as wordlessly I darted past her, leaving an astonished Lord Elrond standing in his study, staring after me, Arwen running close behind.
I sprinted up the stairs to the room in which Legolas lay. His eyes stared glassily upwards, unseeing. My heart stopped momentarily as I realised they had not the same unseeing glassiness elves had in their eyes as they slept. His eyes were blank, void of anything. Dead.
At that moment, Arwen came in behind me.
"What is wrong with him?" I asked her
"He is dying of a broken heart," she stated. Legolas? Dying? Broken heart? My thoughts raced, my heart sinking as I realised this was because of me.
Stepping hurriedly to Legolas's bedside, she looked at his face, and turned to me.
"He is still with us," she said.
"How can you tell?" I asked, surprised that one that looked so far from life was actually alive.
She motioned for me to step forward, and pointed into his eyes.
"They still hold a glimmer of life in them," she said softly. "A faint glimmer of hope,"
"Hope?" I asked, not quite understanding what she meant. I stared into his beautiful eyes, wishing they could see me, and saw the 'glimmer' of life that Arwen spoke of.
"Hope," she repeated. "Hope for you and I that he still lives, and hope for himself...hope that his loved one would forgive him, and return to him. That his true love would love him again." She looked at me pointedly.
I sighed, reaching down at placing a hand on his cool, smooth cheek.
"I never stopped loving him."
"But he does not know that. He does love you, Aragorn. Truly loves you. His heart has been breaking ever since that terrible night, losing your love and friendship was the final blow."
"And now I shall never have the chance to tell him I love him still," I murmured, still looking into his unseeing eyes.
"You do still have that chance," she spoke softly, "Just tell him now."
"But he cannot hear me in this state...can he?"
"Of course he can, Aragorn. Just speak to him as you would. Speak from your heart."
"Um...can you leave us for a moment?" I asked. She squeezed my arm lightly, and then silently left the room, the door making a soft thud as she closed it behind her.
I crouched down beside Legolas's bed, taking his limp hand in mine, holding it to my heart and stroking his soft, lustrous hair. The expression on his face was a look of anguish; that alone sent a thousand daggers to my heart. I remembered how not long ago, I had sat beside Legolas's bed, after he had been attacked by Orcs. How I sat there, day in, day out, only leaving him to relieve myself and hating to do even that. How I refused to allow him to sit at my bedside after Boromir stabbed me, when that was all he asked to do. Suddenly the huge mistake I had made hit me, and I felt the tears welling up in my eyes. I realised I should speak, before my one faint hope of doing so was gone. Before I spoke, I gathered my thoughts, trying to find the right things to say. "Speak from your heart," I remembered Arwen saying. And as I began to talk, I found the words came easily, flowing from the place I'd kept them locked away for such time.
"Legolas, it is I, Aragorn…I hope that you can hear me," I began, praying that he could.
"These past few days have been tough on us both. We have both made mistakes, for which I am sorry. I shouldn't have shunned you the way I did; it was not you in the wrong, it was I."
I paused, and lay my head on the bed close to his.
"I love you, Legolas," I whispered, then speaking in his native language,
"Legolas, er anwa melamin,"[1]
Then I closed my eyes and wept easily, knowing that the chances were he had left me, and had not heard my words. There I stayed, weeping, until Arwen re-entered behind her father; allowing the elf maiden to usher me from the room as Elrond closed the door behind us, a solemn expression upon his face.
At that point I was unsure if I would ever see Legolas alive again.

[1] Legolas, er anwa melamin: (rough) translation: Legolas, My one true love.

TBC - the last fic in this arc will begin posting in a couple of weeks time, as I am being dragged going on holiday, so won't be able to update. However, the final fic can be found here.
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