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Title: A Secret Revealed (14/20)
Arc: The Secrets Trilogy
Author: K
Rating: R (for later chapters)
Fandom: LOTR
Genre: Angst
Pairing: Aragorn/Legolas
Distribution: Just tell me where you put it
Notes: Legolas's POV. Valrodiel, Tatharan and Cerilion are original characters.
Disclaimer: Not mine! Characters, universe & so on belong to the Tolkien Estate. The only thing I own is my mind.


My father barely acknowledged me as we entered the throne room. He nodded in greeting to Lord Elrond, leaving Aragorn and I unnoticed.
"Lord Elrond. Please begin by explaining to me exactly how you propose this situation to be resolved," he began.
"Yes your highness, but first, I believe Prince Legolas has something to say," Elrond looked pointedly at me.
"Legolas?" my father looked at me.
"Your majesty," I began, face flushed. "There are other reasons I cannot be wed to Valrodiel Aerandir. My heart belongs to another."
"Why did you not tell me this?" he exclaimed, "You shall be wed to this other maiden instead."
"No," I said, " 'Tis no maiden I am in love with."
"Well? Who are you 'in love' with?" my father didn't seem to be taking me too seriously.
"I am in love with a man."
"A *man?!*" Jumping out of his seat, my father stared at me incredulously.
"Yes," I answered, studying my feet.
"Legolas, this is insanity. You can't be in love with a *man*"
"I can, and I am," I said defiantly.
My father sat down again, seeming to be finding this hard to take in.
"Who...who is it?"
I did not answer, only looked at Aragorn.
"*Him?!* Legolas! You can *not* be in love with a human, let alone a male human. I forbid it."
"My lord, someone once told me that I could not overrule any order you give whilst you sit on the throne of Mirkwood. That may be true, but though your rule is over Mirkwood, you can never rule over my heart," I replied calmly.
"I cannot believe I am hearing this," my father said "Legolas, you are going to wed Valrodiel Aerandir, like it or not. You *will* produce many offspring, and you will appear to have a happy and successful relationship with the maiden."
He turned to Lord Elrond. "You have nothing to say about this, Elrond? Or did you feed this childish idea of my son's?"
"Your Majesty, it is not my place to 'feed' ideas. I cannot say that I have encouraged such a thing, but I am a firm believer that all things happen for a reason. Maybe these two only think they feel love, maybe this is because later on in life they will both find women of their race and fall in love with them, and realise how deep such feelings run when they are true."
Elrond's words irritated me; for he sounded as if he thought the feelings I had for Aragorn were just a phase.
"Even so, I will not have something so wrong going on in my kingdom," my father said firmly. "In *my* kingdom, men wed women, and women wed men; there are no men in love with men here, and there never will be. I will not allow it."
"Do you not remember when you were young, my lord?" Elrond said. "Have you forgotten the places in which you found love before the marriage of you and your wife?"
My father fell silent for a moment. "I still will not permit such a thing in my kingdom," he repeated.
"May I make a suggestion, my lord?" Elrond asked.
My father looked at him expectantly, waiting for him to continue. Aragorn and I stood watching the elf-lord, and I wondered exactly what he was going to suggest.
"One of the seers in Rivendell has foretold of a quest; it will be long and hard for all who partake in it. She could not tell more from her vision except that it will start there, in Rivendell. Your majesty, I suggest that you send your son on this quest; allow him and the human Aragorn to leave Mirkwood now. If such a quest will come to pass, maybe concentrating on such a thing will bring them both out of this 'phase.'
"If it does, Legolas shall return here and become betrothed to Valrodiel Aerandir, Aragorn shall be betrothed to my daughter, Arwen Undomiel."
"And if it does not?" My father asked.
"If it does not, we must accept their love as being something that was meant to come to pass."
"If it does not; Legolas shall never return to Mirkwood, nor shall this human," my father's words came as a shock to me. I could not leave Mirkwood and not return! I loved Mirkwood! I looked at Aragorn and sighed. It was true that I loved Mirkwood; but I loved him more.
"So it is resolved then?" Elrond asked, turning to Aragorn and I.
We both nodded.
"Yes my lord," I said quietly. With those three words, I had thrown away all chance of living my life in Mirkwood.
"Then it is settled," my father said, "You leave in the morning."


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