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Title: A Secret Revealed (13/20)
Arc: The Secrets Trilogy
Author: K
Rating: R (for later chapters)
Fandom: LOTR
Genre: Angst
Pairing: Aragorn/Legolas
Distribution: Just tell me where you put it
Notes: Legolass POV. Valrodiel, Tatharan and Cerilion are original characters.
Disclaimer: Not mine! Characters, universe & so on belong to the Tolkien Estate. The only thing I own is my mind.

By the end of the eighth day in the dungeon, I was at my wits end. I paced the cell, worrying about Aragorn, worrying about my father arranging a betrothal to Valrodiel and forcing us into being wed, worrying that I would never see Aragorn again. I had looked everywhere for a place to escape, but found none. I had tried time and time again to persuade the guards to let me out with no result. Had my father forgotten I was here? I often felt invisible to him as it was, unless he wanted something.
I *had* to get out. I felt I would go mad if I did not.
"Hello? Guardsman!" I shouted. "Let me out of here!"
There was no reply.
"Guardsman!" I shouted again. "Guardsman! Come here! I command you to let me out!"
A sigh echoed along the corridor, followed by footsteps. The guardsman appeared.
"Your highness, may I remind you that all the time your father King Thranduil sits upon the throne of Mirkwood, any order you give can be overruled by him, and no order of his can be overturned by you," The guard turned on his heel and walked away.
I sat in the corner, cradling my head in my hands. I wasn't *going* to go mad. I already was going mad; that was how it felt. I was going to spend eternity down here, and never see my beloved again.
A bowl of food sat nearby. I was hungry, but didn't eat it. I just couldn't. I hadn't eaten for days, being too worried to do so.
The lack of food made me feel weak and lethargic. Lying down on the bare floor, I allowed sleep to wash over me, unable to fight it despite my worries.

I awoke suddenly as I felt hands pull me up.
"Unhand me!" I ordered, glowering at the guard who had rudely awoken me.
"Come with me," he said, ignoring my order.
I was taken to the small room near the dungeons, where the guards often sat whilst on duty, and pushed into a chair.
"Wait," the guard said, leaving the room. The door closed behind him, and a grating sound told me the door was locked after he left.
Minutes later, I heard sounds of it being unlocked, and another was brought in, head bowed.
"Aragorn!" I exclaimed, recognising the man.
"Legolas!" his face lit up for a second before falling serious again. "How are you my friend?"
"I am well; I hope my father has treated you well whilst I have been held captive," I shot an accusing glance at the guard.
"Your human friend has also been here, by order of his Majesty," the guard said, sneering a little as he said 'human.' "Now, be silent, for a visiting noble is here to speak with you. Neither of you has been let out for meaningless conversation.
Aragorn and I fell silent. We sat side by side in uncomfortable chairs, waiting for this 'noble' to arrive. Who was this visitor? Why would they wish to speak to people in a king's dungeon of all places? Maybe it was someone from Lothlorien. But why would they travel here, if they wished to make contact, messengers would be sent, and those they wished to speak to would be summoned to them.
A glance at Aragorn's face suggested he too was trying to think of who this noble could be. I think we both hit upon the answer as the visitor was led through the door.
Lord Elrond.
Aragorn and I both stood quickly when the elf-lord entered the room.
"Greetings my friends," he said to us, before turning to the guards. "You may leave. I will call when we are ready to go back up to the main rooms of the palace," he told them airily.
The guards hurriedly left the room without questioning the lord.
"Sit down," he said, as he sat himself.
"Lord Elrond, I did not know you were here," Aragorn said. "I trust you are enjoying your stay." I smiled inwardly. Even when he had been locked in a dungeon, Aragorn could be as pleasant as ever. I admired that.
Elrond smiled. "I only arrived this afternoon," he said. "The moment I discovered that King Thranduil had you both held down here, I asked at once for him to allow me to speak with you, then let you free."
"You persuaded my Father to change his mind?" I asked, surprised.
"Not *exactly*...I suggested that things could be resolved easily if a third party - myself, that is - was there to help an agreement be met."
"An agreement? I tried suggesting talks to the King myself; which ended in me being put down here," Aragorn said.
Wait, Aragorn had tried to persuade my father to let me out? How long had he been down here?
"Yes, an agreement. It is best that you wait until we can talk with King Thranduil rather than me explain now," Elrond said. "But I am here because I have more important things to talk about before these talks with the king."
He lowered his voice. "Please, drop the fa├žade."
"Lord Elrond?" I asked, confused. What was he talking about?
"I mean that you do not have to pretend that you are merely friends around me. I *know* what is going on, and I have a pretty good idea of why you and Boromir fought, Aragorn, not to mention all the other goings-on in my household, not to mention the unusual way you had both been acting whilst there."
I winced at the mention of Boromir's name.
"I only wish you had told me," he finished, sitting back.
"Told you?" Aragorn asked
"Told me that you and my only daughter were not to be wed, that you loved another whom I held as dearly in my heart as a son," Elrond answered, looking to me. "Your love has my blessing, but Legolas, I am unsure of whether your father will feel the same way about this."
"I cannot tell my Father. He cannot know," I said, suddenly feeling very worried. "He doesn't already know does he? And how do you know?"
"Do not worry, Legolas, your father does not know yet. It is your duty to tell him such a thing. And in answer to you other question, I knew from the moment I spoke with you both," he replied, "It was obvious you were both hiding something long before that dispute with Boromir. I was almost certain something was there from the moment you brought Legolas to the house following that Orc attack, Aragorn. You sat by his bedside day and night. I saw the longing looks you had given each other; looks I had not seen exchanged between two such well-matched since I was young."
He stood. "But now, we must meet with your Father. You must tell him of this, Legolas, for you cannot hide it forever." With that, he knocked on the door to be let out. Aragorn and I followed him back up to the throne room in a stunned silence.


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