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Title: A Secret Revealed (06/20)
Arc: The Secrets Trilogy
Author: K
Rating: R (for later chapters)
Fandom: LOTR
Genre: Angst
Pairing: Aragorn/Legolas
Distribution: Just tell me where you put it
Notes: Legolas's POV
Disclaimer: Not mine! Characters, universe & so on belong to the Tolkien Estate. The only thing I own is my mind.

The morning after our arrival in Mirkwood, I had to meet with my Father following breakfast. Having to leave Aragorn to wander around the palace alone, feeling a little guilty but revelling in the knowledge that I could make it up to him later, I went to the throne room in which I was to talk with my Father.

The doors to the throne room were opened as I approached, the elf on the door informed me that I was expected, so I strode into the room and bowed lowly to my Father.
"You have important matters to discuss, my Lord?" I asked
"Yes, Legolas, yes, but first I wish to know what has kept you long in Rivendell."
I was slightly surprised that my father should ask such a thing, for usually he did not find interest in what I did, particularly not in anything to do with Rivendell. I always felt that my father was jealous of Lord Elrond, for much as my true home was beautiful, nothing could match the beauty of Imladris.
I told him of various things that had happened during my long stay there, missing out some of the parts involving Aragorn and I, only mentioning Boromir in passing as to what a dreadful man he was. I did not tell my father of how I almost died of a broken heart, nor how truly life-threatening my run-in with the Orcs was, telling him that I escaped with a few cuts which had healed, and that the Orcs fared worse off that I did. That seemed to satisfy him, for he sat and listened to my tale, nodding in approval as I told of how Aragorn and I fended off the Orcs on the way to Mirkwood.
"And Lord Elrond? I trust he is in good health? And what of his sons and his daughter?"
"Lord Elrond is well, as are his children," I replied.
My Father nodded, then went into silence for a short time, musing upon something.
"I believe I shall send an invitation for the Lord of Imladris to visit, extended to his offspring of course," Thranduil surprised me with this out-of-character thought. He motioned to the elf standing at the side of the room, and once the elf has approached, gave him order to send out the invitation to the Lord. Once the elf had left, the room was empty aside from my Father and myself.
"Now we are alone," he began, "I would like to discuss with you the matter for which I had you called here.
"Yes my Lord?" I was desperate to find out what was so important.
"As you know, the Orcs are growing in number. It was only days ago when you had an encounter with them in the forest yourself, you were lucky to have a travelling companion else I shudder to think of what may have happened."
I nodded, knowing that he was not yet done.
"I have ruled over this kingdom for a great many years now, Legolas; the leaves have fallen from the trees many thousands of times since I first took up my place on the throne. Your eldest brother will, naturally, succeed me when I depart for the Grey Havens, however it is important that there should always be someone who can succeed him, should the inevitable happen and either of your older brothers pass into shadow. It is my wish that all of you produce offspring, all of whom would be possible heirs to the throne of this, Mirkwood." He motioned to the walls around us.
"You want my brothers and I to father children?" I enquired, stunned by the idea.
"Of course I do, Legolas," King Thranduil replied, "As a matter of fact I already have a number of suitors in mind, but the one that sticks forth most is she whom you have spent much of your time in Mirkwood with, Valrodiel Aerandir."
I blinked, astonished at his revelations. I couldn't be wed to Valrodiel, I couldn't! It would be wrong of me to marry a pretty elf-maid such as her, when I felt nothing in my heart for her besides friendship. I knew whom I wanted, and if I had that, I would produce no heirs. But I did not care, for it was my heart that governed me, not my mind.
"I cannot do this!" I exclaimed, "I cannot be wed to Valrodiel, she is sweet and kind yes, but I cannot wed one for whom I do not feel such things as romantic love!"
"It is your duty, as son to your King, and Prince of your kingdom," my father argued, standing and frowning at me angrily.
"I will not do it, I love my kingdom and I love my King, but I serve only my heart in matters such as this!"
"Legolas, you are my son and servant, and I command you to obey me! Your stay in Rivendell has softened you, serving your heart indeed! Where is your sense of patriotism? You serve your kingdom, and nothing else!" he shouted.
"Rivendell has nothing to do with this, it is my heart which rules me and I will serve that and only that!" I yelled back, storming out and throwing the doors open and stalking outside.
I had to find Valrodiel, had to talk to her. Did she know of my Father's plans? I was disgusted with him, that he could think of such things as wedding his son to an elf-maid merely to produce heirs. But that was Thranduil. All he had ever thought about was the kingdom, even when he wed to my mother; luckily for my father, *his* father, my great-grandfather, allowed him to wed whom he pleased, my father choosing my mother, whom he loved.
Yet I was not being allowed such a luxury. Even if I was, I could not wed he who I loved; it would cause scandal right across Middle-Earth. It was hard to believe the troubles that were thrown in our paths, that we had to hide the fact we were in love because people would not accept it. I was sure that some would understand, after all, Arwen did, and she has become a much closer friend in doing so. As she understood, I believed that Lord Elrond, too, would understand our love, accept it - if not, his daughter would persuade him to with ease.
I hoped Valrodiel would understand me when I find the words to tell her that I do not feel the right things to court her any longer, I pray that she understands, and finds another elf, one who will treat her with the respect and love she deserves.
And what of Aragorn? I knew my father would try as hard as possible to get his own way, what if in a moment of true weakness I relent, and find myself being wed to an elf-maiden when all I want is to be in the arms of the human ranger? If my Father were to find out about my love of Aragorn, I would be sent from my beloved Mirkwood in disgrace, and both of us would be banished from returning.
Sighing heavily, I walked back into the house, to look for Valrodiel and speak with her, and after that, find Aragorn, and the solace I feel when I am in his arms.


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