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Title: A Secret Revealed (05/20)
Arc: The Secrets Trilogy
Author: K
Rating: R (for later chapters)
Fandom: LOTR
Genre: Angst
Pairing: Aragorn/Legolas
Distribution: Just tell me where you put it
Notes: Aragorn's POV
Disclaimer: Not mine! Characters, universe & so on belong to the Tolkien Estate. The only thing I own is my mind.
A/N: Golandir is an original character

It was on our first day in the forest of Mirkwood that we were set upon by a small band of Orcs. Thankfully we were very much on our guard, and it was not long before the last Orc body hit the ground. Luckily neither Legolas nor the horses we re injured, so before long we had continued on our way, stopping only to allow our steed to rest, not resting ourselves. The shadows made me feel uneasy. Legolas and I spoke little, too busy keeping watch for anything that might pose a threat. After our horses rested we resumed our journey, continuing along the path that led through the trees to Legolas's home.


We had been journeying for many days now, and I was happy to catch glimpses of the kingdom of Mirkwood in the far distance. Legolas, too, seemed to become brighter, and I felt warmth in my heart to see his eyes brighten, and a faint smile cross his lips as we came closer. Upon reaching Mirkwood, he jumped from his horse, leading it towards some stables. I followed suit, handing the reins of my steed to the stable hand and taking my pack from the horse before following Legolas into his Father's home.
Immediately after he stepped through the door, a servant rushed up to Legolas and began fussing over him; I was bemused by the rather flustered look on Legolas's face at the old elf's bustling, but hid my amusement when the servant turned his eyes to me.
"His lordship has brought a friend," the elf commented.
"Yes, Golandir, this is Aragorn, a great friend of mine. He will be staying here with us, so do please arrange some rooms for him."
Golandir muttered something and went to take Legolas's pack from him.
"I can take this," Legolas said, "If you will kindly show Aragorn to his rooms, we will wash and be ready for the evening meal,"
The elf mumbled something about following him, so I trailed along behind him as he trudged along the hallways, Legolas striding behind me and taking in the sights of his home once again. Eventually Golandir came to a halt, and unlocked a door on his right, pushing it forcefully to open, causing clouds of dust to fall onto him turning part of his dark green tunic to grey.
"Please excuse the dust, sir," the servant spoke, evidently embarrassed at his now rather dusty appearance. "His highness does not often have visitors. Prince Legolas, you are, as always, in your rooms. Did you wish me to alert King Thranduil of your arrival?"
"Thank you Golandir; please ensure you tell his highness that I have brought a guest with me, and that cook knows to prepare an extra meal." I watched Legolas as he spoke to the servant, noticing how he was a lot tenser, and a lot more official, even using his Father's title rather than calling him by name.
The servant disappeared back down the corridor, and Legolas stepped into my room, closing the door once I had entered. He then locked it from the inside, and we lost ourselves in our embracing and kissing. It had been a hard journey, made harder by - aside from that small space of time on the second morning - the lack of physical contact between us.
At this moment, I decided that I loved Mirkwood, for finally there was a safe, private place in which we could be alone.

Legolas showed me where his rooms were a little before we were to eat. His room, unlike the dark furnishings of the room in which I was to stay, was filled with lighter greens and greys, a great many candles spread here and there in order to light it well after dark. He had a large bookshelf, filled with ancient looking tomes written in both Sindarin and Quenya, all of which looked as if they had been read thousands of times. As I studied the books, Legolas changed out of his tunic, instead wearing robes of a dark, soft-looking material, which made a stark contrast with his blonde hair and golden-toned skin. I looked at the way the material hung from his body, wishing to feel its softness over the muscles in his back and arms. Then we went to dinner, stopping on the way in order for me to change out of my travel clothes, for I had forgotten to do so before.

King Thranduil entered the room with as much grace as any other elf, and held himself in the regal fashion of one used to his status as ruler. It was then that Legolas introduced me to his father, to whom I bowed as low as possible, hoping to make a good impression: I had heard stories that the king had little faith or tolerance in men. I believe our introduction went well however, for he smiled graciously and welcomed me to his kingdom. After that, the household was seated, and we ate a hearty meal for which I was thankful; for it was much better than the food we had taken on the road.

Following dinner, Legolas announced to his father that he was going to show 'his guest' around the kingdom, promising to talk to his father over the important business for which he had been called home the next day. With that, I followed him as he walked outside, along a small street and down a footpath that led into the forest. We walked for possibly a mile, before coming to a stop in a little copse.
The elven prince turned and smiled as we reached it, and planting a light kiss upon my lips said, "Here we can be alone. Nobody knows of this place, it is safe from the spiders and safe from others."

There we sat for hours, wrapped in each other's arms. We were leaning against an old oak tree, which seemed to reach up and up, further that my eyes could see, into the darkness. Through the small gaps in the trees, I could see stars. No doubt Legolas could see many more that I could, but I didn't say anything to him. We sat in comfortable silence, and at that moment in time I could actually say I was content.

We returned to the palace a little later, wishing each other a good night as friends would, for there were still many servants wandering around, and going to our rooms.
And as I fell asleep in my bed, I imagined him lying beside me; the picture of his face being the last image in my mind before sleep claimed my body.


A/N: I know this part is a little slow but something will happen soon, I promise!


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