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Title: A Secret Revealed (03/20)
Arc: The Secrets Trilogy
Author: K
Rating: R (for later chapters)
Fandom: LOTR
Genre: Angst
Pairing: Aragorn/Legolas
Distribution: Just tell me where you put it
Notes: Aragorn's POV
Disclaimer: Not mine! Characters, universe & so on belong to the Tolkien Estate. The only thing I own is my mind.

It was many weeks, months even, since Legolas's recovery. He had word from Mirkwood; he was to return.
He told me, "I have to leave Rivendell...and you."
My heart lurched for a moment, to even think of being without Legolas was more than I could bear.
"Wait, Legolas, could I not come with you?" I enquired.

And so it was to be. Legolas would leave Rivendell for Mirkwood, and I was to ride alongside him; for the journey was perilous for a lone traveller, even one as skilled in combat as Legolas. I shuddered, remembering the last group of Orcs I had seen on the road towards Mirkwood. They journey would take several days, that I knew. Days. Alone, with Legolas. I grinned inwardly, for although he seemed unhappy to return to his home, we would finally be completely alone together.

Within a day we were on our way, our horses laden with packs and equipment. Legolas had his daggers, bow and quiver slung over his back, and I had a sword at my side. We rode speedily out of sight of Rivendell, for it is a place of such beauty it is hard to leave without looking back, but once we were far away, we slowed to a gentle trot, riding side by side, talking.
"What is it that makes you so unhappy to return home?" I asked Legolas.
"It is because of things I left behind," he replied without looking at me. "Things that I would rather stayed behind, which I would rather forget." He stopped suddenly, and we rode in silence.
"It is Valrodiel," he admitted suddenly, speaking the name of the elf-maiden he once courted. "I never really found the right words to tell her I had found another." He looked ashamed.
"What did you say to Arwen?"
"She already knew, I think," I replied, smiling as I thought of how selfless she was that night when the truth came out to her.
And we continued in silence. Eventually the sky began to grow dark, the sun disappearing behind the mountaintops in the distance. We had reached the Misty Mountains quite soon, and though we could both journey a lot longer, our horses needed rest, and we needed some form of nourishment.
"We should stop soon, find shelter," I said "Can you see anywhere, Legolas?" I asked, knowing to take advantage of his enhanced eyesight. He looked all about, eyes scanning the rocks.
"A cave," he said, pointing into the distance. "Possibly a mile, two miles from here at the most."
I looked in the direction he was pointing, but could not see much other than more rocks. But I trusted the elf's eyes, knowing he could see everything a lot more sharply than humans ever could, and see further. We were not let down. As we neared the spot, we found a small cave, just large enough to accommodate our horses and ourselves. We both leapt down as we got to the cave mouth, inspecting every inch of the cave to ensure its safety. Content with our search, we led the horses in and ate some of the food we had brought with us for the journey. It was four more days at least, to reach Mirkwood, so we rationed what we had carefully, saving most for the days to come.
Then as the night drew on, Legolas insisted I slept; telling me that he would keep watch, as he did not need to rest. I tried to argue, but he gave me a pleading expression that I could not resist, and found myself lying down, wrapped in my cloak and blanket, secretly glad to get a little sleep.

I awoke the next morning to find him watching me, a half-smile playing across his lips.
"Good morning my love," he said as I sat up, leaning in to kiss me. Putting a hand at the back of his neck, I pulled him in closer, deepening the kiss. I felt his tongue flicker out and lick my lips before plunging into my mouth, roaming, exploring every inch, I moaned in pleasure at the feeling his tongue made inside my mouth, and tried to keep my thoughts away from the idea of his lips and his tongue being elsewhere on my body, not wanting any undesired 'side-effects' of my thoughts. As I had found out in the past weeks, Legolas was far from being inexperienced. His kisses alone told me that, and I almost could not wait to see how experienced he was in other ways.
After a while he pulled away, the expression in his eyes longing for more. He stood, and began picking up our things, loading them onto the horses.
"We should get going," he announced "The horses are rested, and we are refreshed. If we keep going we should reach cover of trees by nightfall."

And so we continued on our journey, passing through the misty mountains, travelling along the road leading towards Mirkwood Forest. Legolas's eyes lit up as the first of the trees appeared far in the distance; although he was worried about returning home, I could see that in his heart he had missed the place, and would be glad to see his home again. I could not wait for the time when we rested again, and hope that it would be somewhere as sheltered and secluded as the cave we had slept in last night, for I longed to feel my love's kiss once more.



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